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Design and technological servants AMIRІAN

Technological Formatsiya AMIRAN pragne

to become a leading company in Ukraine providing services for Automation of a wide range of design and technological support of the furniture and woodworking industry.

Purpose of AMIRIAN Technology Formation:

Achieving scientific and engineering thought is one of the factors behind the realization of dreams, business decisions and the realization of its potential.

Leading directions of AMIRIAN Technology Formation activity:

✔ Providing accessible innovative software;
✔ Complex Automation of design and technological support at production and sales:

✒Upholstered furniture,
✒Wooden house building,
✒Artistic blacksmithing.

✔ Introduction to production, training of specialists and provision of Technical support.

The potential of the software provided can significantly improve the quality and competitiveness of the manufactured products, while significantly reducing the timeframe for its creation.

System structure BAZIS

BAZIS is a single software package of modern design and pre-production automation tools at a furniture enterprise.


The high functionality of the software produced by the company allows it to be used not only in furniture production, but also in Mechanical Engineering, instrument engineering, construction and other areas. Today, the basis software can be safely attributed to CAD systems of the middle class, which allows you to solve production problems based on inexpensive personal computers.

Ease of design

The product design process is intuitive and simple.

Integrated Modularity

each module is a separate program that can work both autonomously and in a single complex.

End-to-End Integrated Automation

design, technological, economic and commercial units

“AMIRIAN Technology Formation, a provider of software for these enterprises, combines high efficiency and ease of assimilation, modern technologies of 3-dimensional modeling and automatic formation of drawing and design documentation, taking into account the peculiarities of production and dynamic development. A number of Ukrainian companies are choosing the software for Production Automation as a basis for building a modern manufacturing industry. "

About firm AMIRIAN Technological Formation

Amirian Technological Pharmacy was established in 2007 with the aim of providing Design and Technological Services for the furniture and wood processing companies.
Amirian Technology Formation is a reliable software provider with extensive experience in Furniture and Woodworking Automation, working together to ensure maximum CAD investment.

The implementation of these systems, in the enterprises of the industry allows to achieve a significant increase in the efficiency of work not only all design and production units, but also the majority of related services and departments. design "modules that are deeply integrated into the common CAD information space, and provide the export of the necessary data to accounting and economic and management systems. The software works closely with all leading manufacturers and suppliers of machine equipment, which is confirmed by certificates for the development of common hardware and software systems.
The software offered by AMIRIAN Technology Formation is a versatile platform for the automation of the Design and Engineering Design of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises, a crucial step in the success of the industry business.
In the age of global competition, success is most often achieved by one who is able to be at least one step ahead of others in his or her development.
For Furniture and Woodworking, this means, among other things, widespread use
Computer aided design (CAD) systems.
Today, in the market of Automated Design Systems (CAD), among the manufacturers of furniture and wood products, the leading position is occupied by AMIRIAN Technology Formation.
Software from leading developers, allows you to Automate all stages of product lifecycle, in the production of Cabinet, Upholstered furniture, Wooden housebuilding, Artistic blacksmithing - from receiving orders in the salon, to the manufacture of parts at modern machining centers.

Professional free consultation.

Our specialists can be trusted!

Each module is a separate program that can work both independently and in a single complex
When working, you don't need to remember all the command sequences by heart. The tooltip panel, which provides information on each operation performed, makes life very easy for both novice and experienced users
A set of commands allows you to easily and quickly get a new product from a previously designed one. This provides a major time savings in the design of standard furniture
Information exchange with external systems is carried out by standard means using files of open formats DXF, WMF, TXT, DBF, XLS.
Automatic data transfer from the designer to the CNC technologist about the designed product and further to the processing centers and machines with numerical control.
Implemented a wide class of commands for building auxiliary lines-parallel, perpendicular, tangent, and lines.
Panels can be installed in one of the following types: front, left, or top. This method is clear and understandable to any designer.
The powerful graphical editor that is the basis of the system allows you to create panels of any geometric shape.

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