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BASIS Estimate

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Description of the supply of software products of the company “Basis-Center”

Licensed software products of the BASIS system are delivered in a company box with modules of the Bazis system

Package Includes:

1. Brochure “Installation and initial setup of the BASIS system. Instruction »

2. The book "Quick Start".

(Delivered ONLY upon purchase of the BASIS-Furniture Engineer module)

3. Distribution (DVD) On disk in electronic form there is a distribution kit and documentation.

4. Registration card of a licensed user

On the registration card are indicated:

✔ key number

✔ acquisition date

✔ name of user enterprise

✔ list of acquired licenses

✔ recommendations for full technical support

✔ contact information.

5. protection key against unauthorized access with the BASIS marking and the key number matching the number on the license user card Cmstick

✔ Plastic key

✔ CmStick / C Basic Key for Laptop

✔ CmStick / I Solution for the server. Designed for installation inside the system unit.

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Product that ordered:
Each module is a separate program that can work both independently and in a single complex
When working, you don't need to remember all the command sequences by heart. The tooltip panel, which provides information on each operation performed, makes life very easy for both novice and experienced users
A set of commands allows you to easily and quickly get a new product from a previously designed one. This provides a major time savings in the design of standard furniture
Information exchange with external systems is carried out by standard means using files of open formats DXF, WMF, TXT, DBF, XLS.
Automatic data transfer from the designer to the CNC technologist about the designed product and further to the processing centers and machines with numerical control.
Implemented a wide class of commands for building auxiliary lines-parallel, perpendicular, tangent, and lines.
Panels can be installed in one of the following types: front, left, or top. This method is clear and understandable to any designer.
The powerful graphical editor that is the basis of the system allows you to create panels of any geometric shape.

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